How to Hack Whatsapp Account 2020?

Want to Hack Whatsapp Account? WhatsApp is the popularly used messaging application that has reached a total number of 1.4 million users worldwide. This has made the messaging application most rated and popular. With the increase of its popularity, people are now finding ways to hack the WhatsApp accounts of others without their consent. There are many advanced tools available that can be used to hack the WhatsApp messages and account without the consent of others in a secret way.

As mentioned, there are many hacking tools available online which can help you to hack the accounts of WhatsApp users. These tools are designed to hack and spy the accounts of other WhatsApp users. It is designed mainly for Smartphone and it can only hack the WhatsApp account on targeted devices. It provides you with all the data from the device. The applications allow you to hack the WhatsApp account and also track the GPS position of the device. It can track the calls and messages and even images that are exchanged over the WhatsApp messaging application. It gives you media access on the device and all other internet activities that are carried out using the device.

How to Hack Whatsapp Account? Hacking Using Tools

How to Hack Whatsapp Account

However, it is necessary that you root or jailbreak your respective devices to download these tools. These software programs would work on your non-rooted and non-jailbreak devices, but you won’t be able to access the advanced features of these tools. For this, you need to jailbreak and root your device. Some of the applications also come with the free trial offer which you may try to know how helpful are the tools and how they can help you to hack the WhatsApp accounts of other with ease.

Hacking WhatsApp with Mac Spoofing:

Media Access Control or Mac is the identification number that is assigned to the network adapter or Wi-Fi. It is a 12-digit number that is used to hack WhatsApp accounts. There are a few steps that you need to follow to hack the WhatsApp using Mac Spoofing.

Hack Whatsapp Account

  • You need to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp from your device.
  • Now you need to gain the MAC number which is located in the settings of the device under operating systems. Pen down the MAC Number
  • Now change the MAC address on phone to make WhatsApp believe that it is being installed on the original device. This process is called spoofing.
  • Now install the corresponding application and reinstall the WhatsApp on your device
  • Complete verification process for WhatsApp and restore the MAC number on your device

This process may seem quite complicated, but the WhatsApp of the victim would be available on your phone and this would be possible with MAC code spoofing. WhatsApp would believe that it is installed and used by real phone instead of a cloning device.

Hacking WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Backup Extractor

This is the second process for hacking the WhatsApp account and it involves the use of specific software which is called WhatsApp Backup Extractor. This software will let you restore all the messages from the backup file and the backup can be copied and stored in your device using this tool. However, this method is only available on your iOS device, but the latest upgrade made on the tool allows it to work on Android also.

Part One:

  • Download the file and install dr.fone and click on repair
  • Click start scan
  • Once it is down you need to choose the WhatsApp messages and click recover to system
  • This would allow you to hack the WhatsApp account using the backup of the device.

Part Two:

  • Download and run dr.fone
  • Click repair and again click on recover from iTunes backup files
  • Choose the backup file and click Scan
  • Choose WhatsApp messages and restore them into the system

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