5 At-Home Beauty Devices For Acne-Prone Skin

5 At-Home Beauty Devices For Acne-Prone
A dermarolling device is a popular choice for home beauty. Unlike lasers, which need FDA
approval to operate, these devices use currents to target the deeper oil glands silk’n infinity malaysia. The results of a
dermarolling treatment vary from person to person. Some people see great results using a PMD
machine every day, while others find it inconvenient. Either way, it’s important to use a device
that is sterilized before each use, and avoid applying too much pressure.

Beauty Merges With Tech With These Six At-Home Devices For Your Skin
The Neutrogena light therapy mask is a favorite among women who want to combat acne. It
works by using blue and red lights to fight inflammation and bacteria that cause acne. Facial
rollers have been used in Chinese skincare for centuries Beauty Foo Mall. A facial roller is a convenient nightly
skin care device that works to increase circulation. Jade facial rollers have cooling effects and
drain the lymphatic system. A few minutes a day can give you glowing skin and a clear

If you have acne-prone skin, a spherical-shaped beauty device like the Foreo LUNA 3 is a must-
have. This FDA-approved tool helps to boost the skin’s circulation and increase the absorption

of active ingredients. It also improves the circulation of the skin for smoother makeup application.
The LUNA 3 helps to rejuvenate the skin while promoting collagen and elastin production.
The Neutrogena light therapy mask is another popular device. The dual red and blue lights help
fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. A facial roller, has been a staple of
Chinese beauty for centuries. It’s a cheap, convenient nightly skincare device that has cooling
and lymphatic draining benefits. The Foreo Luna cleansing device range was first launched in
2013 and has since become a mass market sensation.

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The NuBody is a microcurrent body device that delivers a gentle flow of microcurrent to the skin.
It improves the appearance of uneven skin and dimples. It is also safe for all types of skin,
though it works best on younger skin. In addition to microcurrent devices, there are a variety of
at-home beauty devices available. The NuBody is a popular choice for nightly skincare. Its
advanced features can help reduce the appearance of dimples and uneven skin.
A Nu Skin light therapy mask is another popular beauty device. The red and blue lights on the
device help to fight acne-causing bacteria. A facial roller is an inexpensive, effective nightly
skincare product. A jade facial roller has cooling and lymphatic drainage benefits. It is an
excellent choice for nighttime skincare. The Lanshin Pro Gua Sha is a popular, FDA-approved
model. It is made of black nephrite jade, which is known for its healing properties. The gua sha
helps rejuvenate the skin.
The global at-home beauty device industry is expected to reach full-strength by 2022. Some of
the major players in the space have already introduced new products this year. A new version of
the ZIIP app uses microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen fibers. A radiofrequency device

developed by Nebulyft is another popular at-home device. It is a toned-down version of high-
temperature RF therapies.